Realm of Rimembor

The Beginning

A cooperative adventure board and card game set in the Realm of Rimembor where memory will determine the fate of the players. Remember the correct route through the game and recall symbols to overcome traps, challenges and hideous monsters.


The players work together as a group of heroic adventurers in the Realm of Rimembor. Forhgot the Wizard King has been sending evil minions to plague the local settlements, and the players have volunteered to enter the outposts of Forhgot to find and slay his generals and end his menace.

Together the players must remember the path through each dungeon, avoid traps and wandering monsters, solve puzzles and find loot to help them gain the strength that will make it possible to beat the evil critters guarding the dungeon's lower levels.

The players must match pairs of land cards to progress through the dungeon, and pairs of memory tiles to fight and kill monsters and solve challenges.

If the players succeed, they may decide to keep their equipped loot for their next gaming session. Every session will be different.

The expansions add advanced rules, more treasure and awesome magical items, more monsters, more ways to get wounded and traumatized.

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Lars Nielsen